With All My heArt

This is my latest track entitled, ParaMedic.

I’m always trying to stretch my mind when I make new art. I’ve had this Eeyore since I was a kid :) . Looking forward to see this when it’s complete, I might do something abstract too.

These are old photos from when I went to the Toledo Zoo. What I’m most impressed about is how I was able to capture such clarity of the marine life through glass. It almost looks like I was swimming under water with them

I felt like I should re-upload this cupcake because it’s too amazing to be misrepresented by yellowy tint. I need to figure out how to take better photos of my art work with my camera so that they come out looking the way that I intended. I love this piece because there’s a comforting emotion in it. I can see myself down the road in culinary school or working at a pastry shop. And I want to have this idea of a cupcake lodged in my mind, because obviously this one is not normal. It’s essential to always bend our perception of what’s possible and beautiful.

IMU <3

IMU <3

I have a new favorite artist, his name is JMSN. I saw him perform for the first time a few weeks ago touring with The Neighbourhood, which is when I was pleasantly surprised by his existence ^.^. He was such a sweet heart to meet his fans after the show and sign an autograph for me and my friend. I appreciate his hard work, dedication and self respect; he had enough self-respect to ditch the whole Christian TV image even when it could have made him a big pop star. But deep down he knew that wasn’t him. I respect you JMSN, keep up the amazing work and hopefully I get to see you perform again!